All students can benefit from training in mathematics, statistics, and real world critical thinking.  However, traditional beginning and intermediate algebra classes should only be taken by STEM majors (those students that need calculus for their major).  All students that do not need calculus (non-STEM majors) would derive much more benefit from statistics and pre-statistics course work. Requiring traditional algebra courses for non-STEM majors results in disproportionate impact and large failure rates.

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​Math Course 

STATISTICS : Course in real world data analysis and critical thinking, formal statistics computer software training, data collection methods, bias, sampling variability, simulation and a rigorous study of inferential techniques 

pre-statistics course with real world uses of intermediate algebra functions, linear and nonlinear regression theory, probability, and basic data analysis training with statistics computer software

PRE-ALGEBRA (with stat emphasis): Review of basic math and algebra with emphasis on real world formulas, applications and uses in statistics. 

 All people should have access to education, but many college students today cannot afford textbooks. Matt believes in, creates, and uses free OER (open educational resource) material.  OER statistics and pre-statistics notes and activities can be found under the Statistics and Int Alg for Stats tabs.  Matt's new OER Intermediate Algebra for Statistics / Pre-Statistics book can be found under the instructor resources tab and Matt's ​pre-algebra book (with statistics emphasis) can be found under the Pre-Algebra and Instructor Resources tabs. All of these resources are OER licensed through creative commons (CC-BY).  You can print and use any of them for educational purposes free of charge.

MATH FOR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHERS: Course to prepare teachers to explain the reasoning and methods behind the real number system, arithmetic operations, logic, number theory, applications, and various number systems throughout history.  Course also has increased emphasis on navigating common core standards with probability and statistics applications

FINITE MATH:  Great substitute for traditional college algebra courses. Interesting real world uses of mathematics in a variety of fields including game theory, finance, linear algebra, probability, and statistics

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