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Chapter 4 - Categorical and Quantitative Relationship Tests

The following sections and problem sets are from chapter 4 in the free OER statistics book
Introduction to Statistics for Community College Students​ (1st edition) by Matt Teachout (updated 9/28/19)

                                     Topics Covered                                            Sections from Book            Problem Sets  
​ -Categ/Quant Relationships, Two-pop Mean Hypothesis Test                  Section 4A                 Problems 4A

                  T-test Statistic, Randomized Simulation
-Categ/Quant Relationships, ANOVA, F-Test Statistic, Variance                Section 4B                 Problems 4B

        Between, Variance Within, Randomized Simulation

-Proportion Relationships, Two-pop Proportion Hypothesis Test               Section 4C                 Problems 4C 

                    Z-test Statistic, Randomized Simulation         

  -Proportion Relationships, Goodness of Fit Test, Expected Counts         Section 4D                 Problems 4D           Observed Counts, Chi-Squared Test Statistic, Randomized Simulation                                     

    -Categorical Relationships, Contingency Tables, Marginal %,                Section 4E                  Problems 4E

                              Joint % and Conditional %
 -Categorical Relationships, Categorical Association Test, Expected          Section 4F                 Problems 4F

        Counts, Observed Counts, Chi-Squared Test Statistic

   -Quantitative Relationships, Scatterplots, Correlation Coefficient,            Section 4G                Problems 4G

      Coefficient of Determination, Regression Line, Slope, Y-intercept
                   Standard Deviation of Residual Errors
         -Quantitative Relationships, Correlations Hypothesis Test,                 Section 4H                Problems 4H

      Assumptions, T-test Statistic for Slope, Randomized Simulation,
                    Residual Plot, Histogram of the Residuals
                                                                                                                Ch 4 Review Sheet

​                                                                                              Ch 4 Answers to Odd Problems  

                                                                                            (Answers 4A - 4H and review, updated 11/16/19)

Relationship Hypothesis Test Assumptions

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Hyp Test Notes (Two Pop Tests)

Hyp Test Notes(Goodness of Fit Tests)

Hyp Test Notes (Categorical Association Test)

Hyp Test Notes  (ANOVA)

Hyp Test Notes (Correlation Test)

Hyp Test Notes (Review#1: Hyp Test Basics,
1 & 2 population mean and proportion)

Hyp Test Notes (Review#2:  Correlation, Regression,
Goodness of Fit, Independence, Homogeneity, ANOVA)

Hyp Test Key Terms

Correlation Notes

Regression Notes

Residual Notes