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Board Picture (for Conf Int Act 1)  ​

Board Picture (for Conf Int Act 3)    ​

Board Picture 1(for Conf Int Act 13)        

Board Picture 2(for Conf Int Act 13) 

Conf Int Notes  (Sampling Distributions)           


Conf Int Notes (Interpreting Confidence Intervals)

Conf Int Notes (One-Population Confidence Intervals
                          for Means and Proportions % ) 

Conf Int Notes(History of T-Distribution)

Conf Int Notes  (Table summarizing critical values, 
                         standard error, margin of error
                         & confidence intervals)

Conf Int Notes  (Assumptions)            

Conf Int Notes ​(Central Limit Theorem)  

Conf Int Notes  (Bootstrapping)   

Conf Int Notes  (Two-Population Confidence Intervals 
​                          for Means and Proportions % )  

Conf Int Notes (Review) 

Conf Int Key Terms

Exam#2 Review Sheet ​(updated 2/27/19)

Introduction to Statistics for Community
College Students Chapter 3

Math 140 Sampling Variability, Sampling Distributions,
& Confidence Interval Activities & Notes

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Conf Int Act 1 (Sampling Dist for Mean part I) 


Conf Int Act 2 (Sampling Dist for Mean part II)

Conf Int Act 3 (Sampling Dist for Proportion part I)      

Conf Int Act 4 (Sampling Dist for Proportion part II)   

Conf Int Act 5 (Interpreting Confidence Intervals)          

Conf Int Act 6 (Critical Values Z, T & Chi-Squared updated 2/21/19)         

Conf Int Act 7(1 Pop Conf Int Formulas & Technology updated 2/21/19)     

Conf Int Act 8 (1 Pop Conf Intervals with Technology)

Conf Int Act 9 (Understanding Confidence with Sampling Distributions)

Conf Int Act 10 (Intro to Student T Distribution)

Conf Int Act 11  (Checking Assumptions)

Conf Int Act 12 ​(Central Limit Theorem)  

Conf Int Act 13  (Two Pop Sampling Distributions)

Conf Int Act 14 (Two pop Confidence Intervals) 

Conf Int Act 15 (Bootstrapping for 1 & 2 population) ​​

Concepts in Statistics Module 21 by OLI

Concepts in Statistics Module 28 by OLI

Concepts in Statistics Module 25 by OLI (includes two population Conf Int material from other modules)