Board Picture (for Conf Int Act 1)  ​

Board Picture (for Conf Int Act 3)    ​

Board Picture 1(for Conf Int Act 13)        

Board Picture 2(for Conf Int Act 13) 

Conf Int Notes  (Sampling Distributions)           


Conf Int Notes (Interpreting Confidence Intervals)

Conf Int Notes (One-Population Confidence Intervals
                          for Means and Proportions % ) 

Conf Int Notes(History of T-Distribution)

Conf Int Notes  (Table summarizing critical values, 
                         standard error, margin of error
                         & confidence intervals)

Conf Int Notes  (Assumptions)            

Conf Int Notes ​(Central Limit Theorem)  

Conf Int Notes  (Bootstrapping)   

Conf Int Notes  (Two-Population Confidence Intervals 
​                          for Means and Proportions % )  

Conf Int Notes (Review) 

Conf Int Key Terms

Exam#2 Review Sheet ​(updated 2/27/19)

Math 140 Sampling Variability, Sampling Distributions,
& Confidence Interval Activities & Notes

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Conf Int Act 1 (Sampling Dist for Mean part I) 


Conf Int Act 2 (Sampling Dist for Mean part II)

Conf Int Act 3 (Sampling Dist for Proportion part I)      

Conf Int Act 4 (Sampling Dist for Proportion part II)   

Conf Int Act 5 (Interpreting Confidence Intervals)          

Conf Int Act 6 (Critical Values Z, T & Chi-Squared updated 2/21/19)         

Conf Int Act 7(1 Pop Conf Int Formulas & Technology updated 2/21/19)     

Conf Int Act 8 (1 Pop Conf Intervals with Technology)

Conf Int Act 9 (Understanding Confidence with Sampling Distributions)

Conf Int Act 10 (Intro to Student T Distribution)

Conf Int Act 11  (Checking Assumptions)

Conf Int Act 12 ​(Central Limit Theorem)  

Conf Int Act 13  (Two Pop Sampling Distributions)

Conf Int Act 14 (Two pop Confidence Intervals) 

Conf Int Act 15 (Bootstrapping for 1 & 2 population) ​​

Concepts in Statistics Module 21 by OLI

Concepts in Statistics Module 28 by OLI

Concepts in Statistics Module 25 by OLI (includes two population Conf Int material from other modules) 

 College of the Canyons Math Department