Hyp Test Act 1 (Card Act - Intro to Hyp Tests)

Hyp Test Act 2
  ​(Null & Alternative Hypothesis)

Hyp Test Act 3
  (Test Statistics)

Hyp Test Act 4 (P-value) 

Hyp Test Act 5  (Simulation)

Hyp Test Act 6  (Conclusions)

Hyp Test Act 7  (1 mean Hyp Test)

Hyp Test Act 8  (1 proportion Hyp Test)

Hyp Test Act 9  (Type I and II errors)

Hyp Test Act 10  (Simulating 2 pop tests)

Hyp Test Act 11  (2 mean Hyp test)

​Hyp Test Act 12(Two proportion Hyp test)

Hyp Test Act 13​​  ​(Goodness of Fit)

Hyp Test Act 14  ​(Simulating Independence
and Homogeneity Tests)

Hyp Test Act 15  (Independence and
Homogeneity Tests with Technology)

Hyp Test Act 16  (Simulating ANOVA)

Hyp Test Act 17  ​(ANOVA Hyp Test)

Hyp Test Act 18  (Simulating Correlation)

Hyp Test Act 19  (Correlation Hyp Test)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Hyp Test Notes  (Null & Alt Hypothesis)

Hyp Test Notes (Test Statistics)

Hyp Test Notes (P-value, Significance Levels, Simulation)

Hyp Test Notes (Table summarizing P-value, Test Statistics, Simulation, Significance, Random Chance, & Reject Null)

Hyp Test Notes (Conclusions)

Hyp Test Notes  (Assumptions)

Hyp Test Notes  (Type 1 & Type 2 Errors)

Hyp Test Notes  (One pop Tests)

Hyp Test Notes (Two Pop Tests)

Hyp Test Notes(Goodness of Fit Tests)

Hyp Test Notes (Independence & Homogeneity Tests)

Hyp Test Notes  (ANOVA)

Hyp Test Notes (Correlation Test)

Hyp Test Notes (Review#1: Hyp Test Basics,
1 & 2 population mean and proportion)

Hyp Test Notes (Review#2:  Correlation, Regression,
Goodness of Fit, Independence, Homogeneity, ANOVA)

Hyp Test Key Terms

Exam 3 Review Sheet  (One & Two-population Hypothesis Testing, Answers Included)

Exam 4 Review Sheet  (Practice problems for Correlation, Regression, Goodness of Fit, Independence, Homogeneity, ANOVA, Answers Included)

​Introduction to Statistics for
Community College Students
Chapter 4

Introduction to Statistics for 
Community College Students 
Chapter 5

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