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Math 075 with Teachout is free for students!!  The textbook (Intro to Data Analysis) and Computer Software (Statcato) are all free. 

Fall 2019 Homework Schedules:   MW Schedule     TTh Schedule

Statcato Directions - Java Web Start  ​(For MAC and PC, Updated January 2019)​

Math 075 Free OER book!!!
"Introduction to Data Analysis" (1st edition) by Matt Teachout 
Click on the chapter links to the left to access the most up to date chapters of the book.

Book introduction and table of contents

Intro to Data Analysis (1st edition complete book pdf)

Chapter 1 - Categorical Data Analysis
Chapter 2 - Categorical Relationships

Chapter 3 - Normal Quantitative Data Analysis

Chapter 4 - Non-normal Quantitative Data Analysis

Chapter 5 - Linear Quantitative Relationships

Chapter 6 - Curved Quantitative Relationships

Math 075 Projects

Project#1 - Categorical Data Analysis Poster
Project#2 - Categorical Relationship Poster

Project#3 - Bell Shaped Data Analysis Poster
Project#4 - Skewed Data Analysis Poster

Project#5 - Linear Quantitative Relationships Poster

Project#6 - Exponential, Log and Quadratic Relationships Poster

Math 075 Final Review Notes 
Math 075 Final Review Sheet (updated summer 2017 with answers)

Miscelaneous Articles and Assignments

Affective Domain Assignment #1 (Mindset)                  Affective Domain Assignment #5 (Mistakes)
Affective Domain Assignment #2 (Grit)                         Affective Domain Assignment #6 ​(Motivation)
Affective Domain Assignment #3 (Struggle)                  Affective Domain Assignment #7 (Disagree)
Affective Domain Assignment #4 (Stress)                     Affective Domain Assignment #8 (Introverts)

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