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Pre-Algebra Resources - For Instructors Only

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All Math 058 (Pre-Algebra) and Math 059 (Pre-Algebra w/ computer) will be using the new 3rd edition of the free open source online textbook Preparing for Algebra and Statistics by Matt Teachout. Here is the book and chapters in word and pdf.  The OER license is CC-By, so instructors have permission to save, print, make copies, or add to any part of the book, as long as credit is given to the original author.  If you are not from COC and are using the book, give Matt an email and let him know.  We like to keep track of which schools are using the OER book and if they are using the book as is or have added material to it.

Preparing for Algebra and Statistics 3rd Edition (Complete Book word)

Preparing for Algebra and Statistics 3rd Edition (Complete Book pdf)

Intro word     Intro pdf     (Introduction and Table of Contents, pages 1-6)

Ch1 word     Ch1 pdf     (Formulas and Whole Numbers, pages 7-24)

Ch2 word     Ch2 pdf     (Formulas and Decimals, pages 25-28)

Ch3 word     Ch3 pdf     (Formulas and Fractionspages 59-91)

Ch4 word     Ch4 pdf     (Formulas and Negative Numbers, pages 92-108)

Ch5 word     Ch5 pdf     (Simplifying Formulas and Solving Equations, pages 109-151)

Ch6 word     Ch6 pdf     (Equation Applications, pages 152-188)

Ch7 word     Ch7 pdf     (Equation of a Line, Slope, Rectangular Coordinates, pages 189-269)

Appendix word     Appendix pdf  (Answer Keys to Various Problem Sets, pages 270-298)

Math 058 Final Review Sheet (notes, practice problems, answers included)