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Statistics Resources - For Instructors Only

Statistics Training Agenda (May 12&13, 2017)

StatCrunch Notes (Notes on how to use StatCrunch 2017)

​​​​​Helping Community College Math Teachers Teach Statistics Effectively 
(Article by Matt Teachout published by American Statistics Association)

StatCrunch Presentation Outline(May 13, 2016)

OLI Book Instructor Access  (Directions for setting up course in OLI, changing Assessment preferences, and adding ANOVA chapter to book.)
OLI Book Student Access  (Directions for students to register into the OLI book and instructors gradebook.  Note that students must be enrolled in Math 140 with instructor using OLI.  Will also need the instructor's Course Key.)

Math 140 Description and Sample Syllabus

Activity Based Pedagogy Stuff
Four Major Units  (pdf)       Activity Based Pedagogy & Philosophy   (pdf)    

Activity Booklet 1  (math 140 notes & activities on sampling, bias & experiments, word version)

Activity Booklet 2  (math 140 notes & activities on EDA, Correlation & Regression, word version)

Activity Booklet 3  (math 140 notes & activities on probability, word version)

Activity Booklet 4  (math 140 notes & activities on sampling variability, sampling distributions & confidence intervals , word version)​
Activity Booklet 5  (math 140 notes & activities on hypothesis testing & simulation , word version)​

Math 140 Homework/Classwork Schedules in Excel
Classes Using OLI book:  5 week OLI schedule     8 week OLI schedule
16 week OLI schedule
Classes using Gould Book (2nd edition):   5 Week Gould schedule
8 Week Gould schedule     16 Week Gould Schedule

Math 140 Sample Projects in Word

Math 140 Project#1(poster version)       Math 140 Project#1(written report version)
Math 140 Project#2(poster version)       Math 140 Project#2(power point version)
Math 140 Overall Project (poster version)
Example Poster Project#1          Example Poster Project#2

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