Math 140 with Teachout is free for students!!  The chapters, sections and problem sets from the textbook are all free and can be found by clicking on the unit buttons to the left.  You will also find notes and data sets.  We will be using the free computer statistics software programs StatKey and Statcato. StatKey can be opened by going to and clicking on the StatKey button. Directions for opening Statcato are given below.  To open a Statcato file data set, you must first save the file on your computer.  Then open Statcato, go to open project, and click on the file. 

Degrees and Careers in Statistics and Data Science

Matt Teachout's Spring 2020 Class Info

Math 140 Honors Syllabus (For section #45421) 

Note:  You must be enrolled in the COC honors program to take this class.   (COC Honors Application)

Math 140 Syllabus (For sections #45264, #45266, and #45269)

ONLINE Homework Schedules for Math 140 Classes Using Teachout Book

Online Math 140 Honors Homework Schedule  (Updated March 27)

Online Math 140 TTh Homework Schedule (Updated March 27)

Online Math 140 Eight Week Homework Schedule (Feb 10 - April 5) (Updated March 27)

Online Math 140 Eight Week Homework Schedule (April 13 - June 4)

Statcato Directions - Java Web Start  ​(For MAC and PC, Updated 12/14/18)

Teachout's Math 140 Projects (Updated Spring 2020)

Project 1  (Collecting Data and Bias Essay Instructions and Grading Rubric)

Project 2  (Confidence Intervals Instructions and Grading Rubric)

Project 3  (Two-population Mean Hypothesis Test Instructions and Grading Rubric)

Final Review Notes              
Final Review Sheet (Updated Winter 2020)

Final Review Answer Key (Updated Winter 2020)

Key Terms used in Statistics

Miscelaneous Articles and Assignments

Affective Domain Assignment #1(Mindset)                  Affective Domain Assignment #5 (Mistakes)

Affective Domain Assignment #2(Grit)                         Affective Domain Assignment #6 ​(Motivation)

Affective Domain Assignment #3(Struggle)                  Affective Domain Assignment #7(Disagree)

Affective Domain Assignment #4(Stress)                     Affective Domain Assignment #8(Introverts)

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